Campus Disciplinary Hearings

Hearings often lack the due process protections students deserve.

Campus Disciplinary Hearings

Krutoy Law represents students facing disciplinary hearings on college and university campuses.

Adverse findings following a disciplinary hearings can have wide-ranging and impactful consequences, including the loss of a student’s housing, financial aid, scholarships, and even the opportunity to graduate. Such findings can forever tarnish a student’s academic record and impact future job opportunities.

Despite these significant consequences, disciplinary hearings often lack some of the most fundamental due process protections all students deserve. Thoughtful and aggressive preparation is needed to defend against any student conduct code violation, and such allegations cannot be taken lightly. Krutoy Law provides guidance on all student code violations, including drug possession, underage drinking, hazing, and sexual abuse or harassment allegations.

Evan’s experience as a career prosecutor makes him uniquely equipped to deal with campus disciplinary issues because school code of conduct violations often overlap with criminal law offenses. The pitfalls that this dual exposure liability creates is best navigated by an attorney with experience in both arenas.